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120 inches measuring tape 3 meters


The120 inch tape is long tape longer than the conventional 60” tape. It is very useful when you need to measure someone or something with extra lenghts up to 120 inch.


3inches Elastic band 7.5cm


Sold per yard
Lightweight, easy to store, good elasticity, high wears resistance, strong shrinkage, strong and durable, and it does not deform its shape easily after stretching


4inch horsehair (crinoline) hard/stiff texture


4inches size hard texture crinoline/horsehair


A1 cutting mat biggest size


Size: L: 90cm/35.43” X H:60cm/23.62”

It is used when using a sharp cutter to cut fabric, it is self healing as it closes up by itself when cut and provides a smooth surface when cutting something else


Assorted needle 30 pieces


Features & details

  • Durable and rustproof: The sewing needles are made of durable stainless steel, which is corrosion-free with a nonporous surface. so it will last for a long time without rusting. The tip is very small, and the tail with a grooved design. Also its surface is smooth, which make low resistance when you sewing cloth.
  • 6 Different Sizes Meet You Need: 8 pieces 31mm needle , 8 pieces 37mm needle,8 pieces 42mm needle, 3 pieces 46mm needle,2 pieces 51mm needle, 1 pieces 43mm needle.
  • Easy to Use: The different sizes and shapes of assorted needle will be perfect for your project or repair work. There is a long-tailed golden eye needle that can pass through the 7mm ribbon to meet your needs for more use.
  • Wide Range Applications: These sewing needles are suitable for carpets, crafts, upholstery, coats, tents, canvas, mattresses, mending, embroidery, Leather etc.
  • Easy to store: 30pcs hand sewing needles in 1 round plastic container. When you finish the project, just put them in the round container. You don’t need to worry about the finishing needles drop on the floor or lost in the corner.
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B6000 glue


B6000 is a self-adhesive glue can be used on clothes, shoes, toys, flowers, jewelry, wood, metal, glass, paper, rhinestone and other materials.

in front of a large area of use, please do a small area of

the optimum operating temperature should be between 18-32 degrees

the product can be used directly as needed openings evenly coated in sticky surface

wait 3-6 minutes, the two are aligned adhesive sticky little pressure

put a few hours straight, 12 hours after the optimum adhesive strengthen

When the product is used, tighten the lid, avoid contact with air cured glue

890.001,350.00 14% Off

Bead Spinner Battery Operated


Package includes
1 X Electric Bead Spinner
3 X Bead Spinner Bowl
1 X 0.7mm Beading Crystal Sting
2 X Beading Needle


Beading Needle no 9

Size            : No. 9   Length 4.1 cm.
1 pack        :  20 pieces of needles

Bias tape maker set of 4


The item is a set of 4pcs portable and practical fabric bias tape makers in different sizes and different colors, which are mainly made of durable hard plastic and metal materials, and perfect for creating your own bias tapes in minutes. It is easy to use, quick, precise,economical and automatically, and a precision tool to fold fabric into perfect halves automatically.


– Brand: ULTNICE
– Color: 4 colors (green, yellow, red and blue).
– Material: durable hard plastic and metal.
– 4 Sizes: 6mm, 12mm, 18mm, 25mm.
– 100% brand new and high quality Fabric Bias Tape Makers Binding Tools Sewing Quilting 6mm 12mm 18mm 25mm.
– Perfect for creating your own bias tapes in minutes.
– Easy to use, quick, precise, economical.
– A precision tool that folds fabric into perfect halves automatically.
– Make any fabric into an accent, border or trim. It’s fast, economical and perfectly coordinated. Pull the fabric through and iron–folds it perfectly, ready for sewing on or gluing.

How to Use

1. Cut the bias strips across the fabric at a 45°, and then cut strips parallel to this freshly cut edge in the width you need.
2. Wrong side up feed bias strip into wide end of tape maker use awl to pull the fabric through.
3. Pin end of strip to ironing board. Pull tape maker and press in folds iron close to tape maker.
Package Including
1 * ULTNICE 6mm Bias Tape Maker (Green)
1 * ULTNICE 12mm Bias Tape Maker (Yellow)
1 * ULTNICE 18mm Bias Tape Maker (Red)
1 * ULTNICE 25mm Bias Tape Maker (Blue)


Black Hook and eye


Applications: hook and eye closure can application on brassieres, bustiers, corsets and other fine lingerie, fastening on a skirt, dress or pants

Condition:100% Brand New
Item Type: Crystal
Size: Approx. : 15mm

Store Location: Lekki, Lagos Nigeria

Package List:


Highlight : sold per sachet a sachet has 24 hooks and eyes

1 x hook and eye sachet

Bodkin Threader Metal Easy Pull Drawstring Threader with Tweezer for Elastic Threading



The needle threader is designed for replacing or adding drawstrings. The tweezers have special teeth and are held tight with a sliding ring.

  • Suitable for your pants, exercise suits, sweatpants, shorts, swim trunks, coats, hoodies, scrubs jacket, tote bags and so on
  • Great accessory for sewing craft project. Great replacement accessories for sewing lovers.

Bra cup padded bra foam


Sold as a pair( 2 pieces) or a dozen (12 pairs)


Bra Slider Transparent


Sold as a set of 20 pieces

The bra slider can be used for strap, fits for shoulder bag, backpack, luggage replacement, can be used, for lingerie, underwear garments adjustment DIY accessories, backpack

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Brown paper roll Tracing paper


5 pieces per roll



Care labelling instructions satin quality with made in Nigeria


Sold per yard: a yard contains 16 pieces of care labelling

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Place holderPlace holder

Copper Wire for Wire Work and Jewelry


Multifunctional copper wire used in making tiaras, jewelries, 3d wire work clothing design, beaded chains, and much more

Corset bustier


Size 40 fits size 8 uk size
Size 42 fits size 10 uk size
Size 44 fits size 12 uk size
Size 46 fits size 14 uk size
Size 48 fits size 16 uk size
Size 50 fits size 18 uk size

Cover button case/dice


Sold as a set of 50 pieces


Curve metric ruler set of 6


Package Included:

1 x Triangular ruler

1 x Half round ruler

1 x Multi-function ruler

1 x Comma ruler

1 x Vary form curve ruler

1 x Botton ruler


Curve ruler set of 9


Package includes:
1 x Triangular ruler
1 x Comma ruler
2 x Half round ruler
2 x Multi-function ruler
1 x L-square right angle ruler
2 x Beveled Metric Ruler

Features & details
【A Complete Fashion Design Ruler Kit】With 9 style different sewing pattern supplies, including triangular ruler, half round ruler, L-square right angle ruler, multi-function ruler, comma ruler and so on (styles as pictures shown), which can meet your different sewing or measuring demands
【Durable Material】We have high requirement in quality to ensure long-time use. The plastic sewing rulers set is made of quality plastic, durable, lightweight and convenient to carry. Pattern tools has clear scale and good touching feeling, helping curve sewing become more pleasant
【Wide Applications】These plastic sewing rulers can be applied for drawing, cutting and other clothing design. Whether you are just start to design clothing, or you are a professional, you can use our sewing pattern making tools to achieve your goal. It will make you enjoy the fun of DIY and bring you a nice using experience
【Excellent Hands-On Tools】If you have many good ideas for making clothes or want to be a fashion designer, why not buy these fashion designers rulers and the ideas into truth. These sewing rules can mobilize your mind and improve your hands-on skills. Make you become a smarter handyman!
【Good Gifting Supplies】Do you want to make your own unique clothing, or want to give special gifts to friends and family? If the answer is yes, then I must tell you that our fashion design size kit is the best choice for you. Give big surprise to your family!

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Domestic/manual machine foot set of 32 pieces

  • Fits most sewing machine brands such as Singer, Brother, Babylock, Euro-pro, Janome, Kenmore, White, Juki, New Home, Necchi, Elna, Husqvarna Viking, Toyota and other low-shank domestic sewing machines
  • Compact Kit, brand new and high quality, very functional for all your sewing needs.
  • Use them as a fashion accent on blouses and dresses, as border for sheer curtains, or as a flounce for bedspreads, skirts, etc.
First Row: 
1)Braiding Foot
2)Fringe Foot
3)5 Holes Cording Foot
4)7 Holes Cording Foot
5)Edge Joining Foot
6)1/4″ Quilting Foot
7)Straight Stitch FootSecond Row:
1)Open Toe Embroidery Foot
2)Round Bead Foot
3)Zig Zag Foot
4)Cording Foot
5)1/4″ Quilting Foot
6)9-Groove Pintuck Foot
7)Overcast FootThird Row: 
1)Stitch Guide Foot
2)5-Groove Pintuck Foot
3)Satin Stitch Foot
5)Double Welting Foot
6)Invisible Zipper Foot
7)Roller FootFourth Row:
1)Blind Stitch Foot
2)(A9)Applique Foot
3)Open Toe Foot
4)Darning Foot
5)Shirring Foot
6)1/8″ Round Hemmer Foot
7)Hemmer Foot

Fifth line:
1)Darning Foot, Low Shank
2)Adjustable Bias Tape Binder Foot
3)Knit Foot
4)Zipper Foot, Low Shank

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E8000 glue strong glue multipurpose glue


Strong clear glue used to glue crystals, crafts, bead crafts, watch models, leather items, chemical plastics, electronic components, fiber items, wood items, metal items, rubber items, paper items , Ceramic items, etc.


elastic 1 inch ribbon


sold as a roll of 10.5 yards

Elastic rope 2.5mm

  1. Material :  Spandex
    Size:     Width 2.5mm
    Sold per yard or a set of 10 yards

Erasable pen fabric pen


Sold per piece
Purple Air Erasable Pen Fabric Paint Marker also used as Tailor Chalk Markers

It is a high-tech product, adpots advance technology .

1. Air Erasable Pen can be written on any surface, such as: garment,shoes, fabric, cross stitch, patchwork, handicraft, embroidery, needlework, dress marking and artificial flowers etc.
2. The writing mark could vanish away automatically, but also can be erased by water or eraser pen.
3. The vanishing time may vary with the material of the fabric and the temperature and humidity of the surroundings.

4. Please try with a piece of wasted cloth before use.



Can only be applied using a grommet machine